EL5030 p    EL5030
  Hybrid based Networked Access System
  EL5030 is an all new powerful hybrid based networked access controller designed to give the user the most flexible and cost effective access control design to meet any building requirement. It can operate in a fully centralized topology, field design topology or hybrid type topology making it the most desirable controller to use and specify. It is developed using the same engine as its highly successful predecessor EL 5000 for greater performance and reliability assurance.
  orange button4 Configurable to work on 3 or 5 or 8 access portals
  orange button4 Large database of 15,000 card users and 25,000 offline transactions
  orange button4 Card database upgradable to an astonishing 300,000 card users
  orange button4 Reader support: Magnetic, Bar Code, EM/HID Proximity, Mifare, Biometric Devices
  orange button4 32-bit-low-power and high performance microprocessor
  orange button4 Peer-to-peer communication with other EL 5000 series controller for data sharing intelligence
  orange button4 Multi-function; Standard Access Mode/Car-Park control/Time clocking –Late reasoning mode
  orange button4 Enhanced Anti-passback capabilities ( Hard/Soft/Alarm)
  orange button4 Support an expansion slot for future-proof requirements
  orange button4 40 holidays set; 99 timezones with 99 timers with 4 time intervals
  orange button4 Built in tamper alarm, battery low, AC fail