e.vis s   E.VIS
  Visitor Management System
  E.VIS is an user-friendly visitor management system, it enhances corporate security through the identification of unwanted or suspicious visitors with the help of the MyKAD technology.
  E.VIS is designed to keep track of visitor traffic details. It also enables instantaneous background checks to be done easily. It minimizes processing time and generates visitor badges in seconds.
  The E.VIS incorporates a touch screen monitor, MyKAD reader, web-camera and proximity reader (EM, HID or Mifare) to provide the user with a simple and total solution for visitor management.
  orange button4 Automatic log-in of visitor information within seconds through the MyKAD reader.
  orange button4 Incorporated with touch screen monitor to key-in the information  via the virtual keyboard
  orange button4 Incorporated with a web-camera to capture a visitor’s image and business card
  orange button4 Visitor card can be assigned within seconds
  orange button4 Control visitor’s accessibility through an assigned visitor card
  orange button4 Real-time visitor information
  orange button4 Provides comprehensive reports 

System Requirement

Computer Pentium IV/AMD or higher
Operation System Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 or higher
Database Engine Microsoft SQL 2000 Server or higher
Hard Disk Space Minimum 500MB (Standard Operation), Minimum 10GB (Operation with snapshots)
Display Super VGA monitor with 1M SVGA interface board
Communication Port
2 USB Ports: MyKAD reader, Software: 8pt;">License/Reader
3 USB Ports (optional): Web-camera for image and business card, Touch screen monitor

System Flow

E.VIS System Flow
e.vis system flow

Ordering Information

Product Code
E.VIS Visitor Management System, 4 workstations, consist of ET636/MF Built-in with Mifare Contactless Reader c/w Stand (USB Communication) E.VIS Software Installation CD
E.VIS Visitor Management System, 4 workstations, consist of ET636/E Built-in with EM Reader (Elid Format) c/w Stand (USB Communication)E.VIS Software Installation CD
E.VIS Visitor Management System, 4 workstations,consist of ET636/H Built-in with HID Reader c/w Stand (USB Communication) E.VIS Software Installation CD