el1375 p   EL1375
  Two-door/ 2-reader Controller
  EL1375 is a 2-door 2-reader or 1-door 2-reader access controller, covered with face plate. It has the same footprint as EL1335, offer larger card user database and larger transaction log storage.
  orange button4 Separate control unit – high security
  orange button4 Reader support: Magnetic, Bar Code, EM/HID Proximity, Mifare, Biometric devices
  orange button4 Large database of 20,000 card users and 20,000 offline transactions
  orange button4 24 timers and 10 time zones
  orange button4 Provide Dual Card and Special Card feature
  orange button4 Card, Card + PIN, PIN
  orange button4 Supports Anti-Passback
  orange button4 Diagnostic LED’s
  orange button4 Flash memory allows easy upgrade
  orange button4 Communication Interface: Multi-drop or RS485 or TCP/IP (with LAN module)


Communication Interface  Multi-drop or RS485 (3-wire) or TCP/IP (with LAN module)
Output  2 (On-board), 6 (with EA8)
Input  2 (On-board), 2 (with EA8)
Power Supply  12 VDC
Current Consumption  40 mA
Card Database  20,000
Transaction Database  20,000
Card Format  Wiegand 26-bit, Free Wiegand, ELID Magnetic, ABA, Bar-Code
Operation Mode  3 (Card, Card + PIN, PIN)
Time Zone  10
Timer  24
Holiday  20
Adjustable Lock Release Time  Yes
Permanent Lock Release  Yes
Automatic Pin Disable Time Zone  Yes
 Automatic Lock Release Time Zone  Yes
 Ignore Exit Time Zone  Yes/No
 Inhibit Access  Yes
 Continuous Swiping  Yes/No
 Anti-Passback  By reader/timer
 Dual Card  Yes


EL1375 Standalone Configuration (1-door 2-reader)
configuration1 el1375
EL1375 Standalone Configuration (2-door 2-reader)
configuration2 el1375
EL1375 System Configuration
configuration3 el1375

Ordering Information

 Access Control Unit
0 el1375 s
EL1375 2-Door 2-Reader Access Controller
Product Code: EL-1375-001
0 ea79b
EA79B TCPIP LAN Module built-in with RJ45 socket
Product Code:  EA-0079-002
ea8 p
EA8 Relay Interface Unit
Product Code:  EA-0008-001
0 ep23s
EP23S Power Supply, 12V/2.5A Switching c/w PS2
Product Code: EP-0023-003
0 ep44s
EP44S Power Supply Adapter, 13.5V/4.4A c/w PS2
Product Code:EG-PSA6-002
0 casing
Metal Casing 302(H)x334(W)x86(D) mm
Product Code: CS-1127X
 Entry Keypad
0 ek9s
EK9S Keypad
Product Code: ER-0009-001(Beige), ER-0009-B01(Dark Grey)
 Entry Keypad c/w Reader
0 ek9r
EK9R Keypad with 4x7 Segment Display, built-in with EM reader
Product Code: ER-0009-R01 
0 ek8r
EK8R /B Keypad with 4x7 Segment Display, built-in with EM reader
Product Code: ER-0009-R02 
ek848 s
EK848 Touch Sense LCD Keypad Reader 
Product Code: ER-0848-SE1 
 Entry/ Exit Reader
0 erm923
ERM923  EM Reader
0 erm823 s
ERM823 EM Reader
0 er928
ER928 Mifare Reader
0 erh923
ERH923 HID Reader
0 er36
ER36  Bar-Code Reader
0 er5s
 ER5S  Bar-Code Reader
hr cr s
 HR-CR Handkey  Palm Reader
Product Code: ER-1000-003
er301 s
 ER301 Fingerprint Reader
Product Code: ER-0301-001
em card sm2
mifare card sm2

Mifare Contactless Smart Card

hid card sm2
magnetic card sm2
 Access Management Software
0 e.win

E.Win Single-workstation Access Management Software

0 winpro 1

WinPro Multi-workstation Access Management Software

0 el70r
EL70R Communicator, RS485 to USB
Product Code: EL-070R-001
0 el70w
EL70W Communicator, RS485 to USB, Built-in with Softkey II (Software  to be  programmed)
Product Code: EL-070W-001
0 el70t
EL70T Communicator, Multidrop to RS232
Product Code:  EL-0070-004
0 el70y
EL70Y  Communicator, Multidrop/RS485 to USB, with software key slot
Product Code: EL-US70-G02