winpro s   WinPro
  Multi-User Access Manager
  WinPro is a powerful access control management software which supports up to 1,024 doors. It is a class above from E.Win, developed around the robust SQL database, that supports multi-workstations.
  orange button4 Support multi-user monitoring
  orange button4 Central access and alarm monitoring and setting
  orange button4 Real-time activity monitoring
  orange button4 Generate transaction reports
  orange button4 User access right and audit trail report – system security
  orange button4 Area trace – security checking
  orange button4 Built-in time attendance software
  orange button4 Useful visitor monitoring tool
  orange button4 Access the system anywhere (Web Control Module)
  orange button4 Email alert (Email Module)
  orange button4 Support dial-up and leased line modems (Modem Module)
  orange button4 Individual and centralize database monitoring (Enterprise Module)

System Requirement

Computer Pentium IV/AMD or higher
Operation System
Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 or higher
Database Engine Microsoft SQL 2000 Server or higher
Memory (RAM) Minimum 1 GB
Hard Disk Space 100MB (Installation),1GB (Operation)
Display Super VGA monitor with 1M SVGA interface board
Communication Port Serial Port or USB Port

Ordering Information

Product Code
WinPro/1 Multi-User Access Management Software, SQL database, 1-16 Doors, 4 workstations, c/w Time Management Software (Multiple-Shift)
WinPro/2 Multi-User Access Management Software, SQL database, 1-32 Doors, 4 workstations, Time Management Software (Multiple-Shift)
WinPro/3 Multi-User Access Management Software, SQL database, 1-64 Doors, 4 workstations, c/w Time Management Software (Multiple-Shift)
WinPro/4 Multi-User Access Management Software,SQL database,1-128 Doors, 4 workstations, c/w Time Management Software (Multiple-Shift)
Optional WinPro Workstation/Enterprise License:
EW-WINP-L01A WinPro Additional 6 workstation license
EW-WINP-L01B WinPro Additional 21 workstation license
EW-WINP-L01C WinPro Additional 46 workstation license
EW-WINP-L02 WinPro Enterprise License
Optional Software Modules for WinPro:
EW-WINP-M02 WinPro Lift Access Module
EW-WINP-M03 WinPro Modem Module
EW-WINP-M04 WinPro WEB Client Module, 4 web-client
EW-WINP-M06 WinPro Email Alert Module