EH480 p    EH480
  Home Security System
  ELID offers a state-of-the-art intrusion alarm system, the EH480, to provide protection of your property 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  User will experience a revolutionary and easier way to monitor and manage the entire alarm system by accessing the system through standard web browsers such as  Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome .
  It can be accessed from anywhere and at anytime! Managing the security system will be a breeze!
  orange button4 The EH480 provides 8 programming zones, and can be expanded up to 32 zones.
  orange button4 Caters up to 1,000 triggered memories
  orange button4 Backlit graphical LCD display and 4x4 matrix membrane keypad
  orange button4 Support 8 arming keypads
  orange button4 Support web browser without addition hardware module
  orange button4 Live view access through mobile device software (Apps)
  orange button4 Operation Mode: Arming Keypad (PIN/Card) or Web Server
  orange button4 Support SMS alert without addition GSM module
  orange button4 Provides 6 arming modes and 3 emergency buttons
  orange button4 Provides automatic timer to arm/disarm the system
  orange button4 Provides event log file to record user activities
  orange button4 Firmware can be updated in-circuit, through LAN from the PC


Communication Interface to Keypad RS485
Output 4 (On-board), 20 (with 4 x EH14)
Input 8 (On-board), 40 (with 4 x EH14)
Power Supply 12 VDC
Current Consumption 40mA
Buzzer Available
Programmable Zones 8, expandable to 40
Supported Numbers of Arming Keypad 8
Disarm Mode EM card or pin code or through web
User Database 10 User Pin code and 10 User card
Arming Mode Stay; Away; Night; Partition; Bypass; Force Arming
Emergency Button Panic; Medical; Fire
Programmable Auxiliary Outputs 3, expandable to 20
Previous Triggered Memories 1000
Programming Mode User; Installer
Siren Type Snooze; One time
Support Sensor Type No with EOL;NC with EOL; NO without EOL; NC without EOL
Real Time Clock Function Yes
Automatic Arm/Disarm Yes
Web Monitoring Yes
SMS Alert Yes


System Configuration
EH480 Alarm System configuration