Magnetic Reader
ER5S p   ER5S
  Magnetic Reader
  ER5S Magnetic Reader
  ER5S is a Swipe-type Magnetic reader, designed to work with EL22XX or EL23XX Door Access Controllers.
  ER5S is a Magnetic Reader with 12-key membrane keypad, packaged in a plastic casing together with 4x7-segment LED status display. Communication to controller is by 8 wires.
  ER5SB is a Magnetic reader, without keypad, packagedpackaged in a plastic casing together with 2 LED status display. Communication to controller is by 7 wires.
  orange button4 Reader type: Swipe-type Magnetic reader, track 2 (Other tracks also available)
  orange button4 Reading range: Wide reading speed range of 100-1500 mm/s
  orange button4 Dimensions: 120(H)x120(L)x50(W) mm

Ordering Information

Product Code
ER-0005-008 ER5S Serial Swipe Reader, Keypad & 4x7 Segment Display
ER-0005-010 ER5SB Exit Reader w/o Keypad