Door Controller
The security and safety of employees and assets are enhanced by controlling of the entry and exit of people in a restricted area. Elid provides a wide range of card readers or biometric devices in the access control application to meet different security protection.

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EL363 Nova  EL1335   EL2205  EL2301  EL1375

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EL2305 EL2306  EL2800      
Car Park Controller

Vehicle Access System enables the employees or tenants of the premises to access to the parking area with registered access card. ELID provides short and long range reader to meet customer requirement.

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 FC1205  FC2306  FC2800      
Lift Controller

Lift Access system add another level of security for any facility to heighten their security protection. It restricts only authorized personnel to have access to the lift and even to the particular floors minimizing external threats.

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Fingerprint Controller      

Deploying biometric technology allows the user to heighten the level of security over token or card-based system. Biometrics system enables the identification and verification of a person through physiological or behavioral characteristics of that person.

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