el2205l p   EL2205L
  Lift Access Controller
  EL2205L Lift Access Controller is designed for elevators. One relay contact is provided for each floor that the lift serves. Maximum size is up to 64 floors. EL2205L consists of 3 parts. The main controller and power supply are housed in a single metal cabinet. Reader is usually mounted at the lift operation panel, while floor selection board with associated relays is separately mounted in another cabinet. Communication between floor selection unit and main controller can be up to 1 KM. Programming can be done either via using the keypad at the controller panel or remotely via a PC.
  orange button4 Backlit 2x20-character LCD display and 16-key keypad
  orange button4 Reader support: Magnetic, Bar Code, EM/HID Proximity, Mifare, Biometric devices
  orange button4 Up to 2,700 card users and 2,000 offline transactions
  orange button4 24 timers and 10 time zones
  orange button4 Provide Dual Card feature
  orange button4 Card, Card + PIN, PIN
  orange button4 Communication Interface: Multi-drop


Communication Interface Multi-drop
Output 6 (with EA8)
Input 2 (On-board), 2 (with EA8)
Power Supply 12 VDC
Current Consumption 90 mA
Card Database 2,700
Transaction Database 2,000
Card Format Wiegand 26-bit, Free Wiegand, ELID Magnetic, ABA, Bar-Code
Operation Mode 3 (Card, Card + PIN, PIN)
Time Zone 10
Timer 24
Holiday 20
Floor Activate Time Yes
Permanent Floor Selection By Pass Yes
Automatic Pin Time Zone Yes
Automatic Floor Activation Time Zone Yes
Inhibit Access Yes
Dual Card Yes
Floor Zone 64 (each floor zone has 4 intervals)


EL2205L System Configuration
configuration el2205l
EL2205L System Configuration (with EA22)
configuration2 el2205l

Ordering Information

Access Control Unit
0 el2205l s
EL2205L/16 Lift Access System
For 1-16 Floors Comprising:
a) 1 x EL2205 Board, 2 x EP23 Power Supply, 1 x EB485 Board
b) 1 x  EFD0016 Floor Selector,  1 x ES8A-1 Relay Board & mounted in2 metal casings 
Product Code: EL-2205-L16
0 el2205l s
EL2205L/32 Lift Access System
For 1-32 Floors Comprising:
a) 1 x EL2205 Board, 2 x EP23 Power Supply, 1 x EB485 Board
b) 1 x  EFD0032 Floor Selector,  3 x ES8A-1 Relay Board & Mounted in 2 metal casings
Product Code : EL-2205-L32
0 el2205l 3
EL2205L/48 Lift Access System
For 1-48 Floors Comprising:
a) 1 x EL2205 Controller,  1 x EP23 Power Supply, 1 x EB485 Board;
b) 1 x EFD0032 Floor Selector, 1 x EP23 Power Supply, 3 x ES8A-1 Relay Board;
c) 1 x EFD0016 Floor Selector, 1 x EP23 PSU, 1 x ES8A-1 Relay Board  & Mounted in 3 metal casings
Product Code: EL-2205-L48
ea22 s
EA22 Reader Buffer Kit c/w Power Supply Adaptor
Product Code: EA-0022-001
0 erm923

ERM923 EM Reader  

0 erm823 s

ERM823  EM Reader

0 er928
ER928 Mifare Reader
0 erh923

ERH923 HID Reader

0 er36
ER36 Bar-Code Reader
0 er5s

ER5S Magnetic Reader

em card sm2
mifare card sm2
hid card sm2
magnetic card sm2
Access Management Software
0 e.win
Single-workstation Access Management Software
0 winpro 1
Multi-workstation Access Management Software
0 el70t
EL70T Communicator, Multidrop to RS232
Product Code:  EL-0070-004
0 el78a
EL78A LAN Terminal Server, Multidrop/RS422/RS232 to TCPIP
Product Code: EL-0078-002
0 el70y
EL70Y Communicator, Multidrop/RS485 to USB, with software key slot 
Product Code: EL-US70-G02